1.23 (second half) – Historical Analysis & Writing Well

Assignment due

In today’s class, I will explain my expectations for the quality of your writing and the principles of good writing that I expect you to follow. We will also discuss key principles of historical analysis.

Complete these readings and use them to answer the questions for your second assignment:

“Hamilton College Guide to Writing a Good History Paper

William Strunk, The Elements of Style (7-8, 11-13)

UNC Writing Center, “Thesis Statements”


Assignment #2 – Second writing assignment – due by class-time on Jan. 23 – .5% of final grade

Write one or more single-spaced page answering these questions (you may copy and paste the questions into the document):
[1] What is a primary source? Provide a specific example and a link to where you found it.

[2] What is a secondary source? Provide a specific example and a link to where you found it.

[3] What is the ‘unit of composition’ in a historical essay?

[4] When you are conducting historical research online, what characteristics make a site seem credible (or not credible?)

[5] In a historical essay, what is the difference between summary and analysis?

[6] According to Strunk, what are two characteristics of a good paragraph?

[7] What other principles of good writing does Strunk identify?

[8] According to the Hamilton College Guide, what are some of the most common errors in history papers?

[9] What are some of the characteristics of an effective thesis statement?

Email the assignment to me prior to class.


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