2.6 – The Middle Passage & Atlantic Slave Trade


Olaudah Equiano’s account of the Middle Passage (excerpts)

Understanding Slavery: First-hand accounts 

The Zong Massacre

Christopher Hooper’s essay summarizing aspects of the Middle Passage

donald-wright-slavery-in-africa(second half)

You are welcome to conduct additional research to answer the discussion questions.

Discussion questions

[1] What were conditions for slaves like during the Middle Passage?

[2] What were some of the various ways captured Africans responded to their enslavement during the voyage to the Americas?

[3] How did the Zong massacre reflect slave traders’ attitudes toward the humanity of slaves?

[4] Which of the sources you read for today do you believe is the most effective in illuminating the brutality of slavery and the slave trade?

[5] What role did African societies play in facilitating the slave trade?

[6] What are the most important factors that made the transAtlantic African slave trade such an enduring and profitable institution?

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