2.21 – British Abolitionists, III


Drescher, 228-266

Additional assignment

Find 3 primary sources related to the British abolitionist movement. Provide a citation (including web address) for each source and write four or five sentences after each source describing how the source helps one better understand the British abolitionist movement. To receive credit for the assignment, email your work to me prior to class on 2.21 and bring a printed copy to class. If you do not complete the assignment, your course grade will be reduced by 1%.

Discussion questions

Why did Britain seek to entirely abolish the African slave trade and adopt foreign policies intended to pressure other nations, such as Spain and Portugal, to end their participation in the trade? How successful were British efforts to end the slave trade?


Between 1807 and the early 1830s, what strategies did abolitionists use to build public support among the British people for abolishing slavery in British colonies in the Americas? During that time, how did slaves in the British colonies respond to the growing strength of the abolitionist movement?

What factors led to the abolition of slavery in the British colonies in the Americas in 1833/1834?



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