3.20 – Slavery’s Resurgence


Drescher, Abolition, 428-455

Wikipedia, Forced Labour under Nazi Rule

Charges of Slave Labor in the Nuremberg Trials

Wikipedia, Slavery in Japan


Valery Lazarev, Slave Labor in the Soviet Union

Recommended, if you are interested in the history of World War II

Mark Mazower, Hitler’s Empire

Discussion questions

[1] How significant was slavery to the Nazi war effort?

[2] What estimate does Drescher provide concerning the number of slaves in Nazi Germany?

[3] What were some of the justifications Germans made to justify enslaving other Europeans?

[4] What are some of the similarities, and differences, you see between Nazi slavery and slavery in other times and places?

[5] How widespread was slavery in the Japanese Empire during World War II, and how were slaves put to work?

[6] In your view, what was the most noteworthy fact that you learned from today’s reading?

[7] After World War II, what steps did the victorious Allies and the United Nations take to attempt to reduce the level of slavery around the globe?



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