3.23 – The New Slavery

Kevin Bales, Disposable People, VII-33, 232-268 (available via Curry Library ebook)

Free the Slaves, Slavery Today

Manav Teneeru, “The Challenges of Estimating a Hidden Population”

Melissa Grant, “The Consequences of a Sex-Slave Rescue Fantasy”

Discussion questions

According to recent estimates, how many people around the world are enslaved today?

What are some of the challenges faced by scholars attempting to estimate the prevalence of slavery in the world?

How does modern slavery differ from older forms of slavery?

What are some of the types of work slaves perform?

What are some of the major reasons for the persistence of slavery in the contemporary global economy?

What steps are anti-slavery organizations taking to attempt to undermine slavery?

What is your opinion of Bales’s writing style, analysis, and narrative strategies, based on what you have read so far?


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