3.22 – The New Slavery

Kevin Bales, Disposable People, VII-33, 232-268 (available via Curry Library ebook)

Free the Slaves, Slavery Today

Manav Teneeru, “The Challenges of Estimating a Hidden Population”

Melissa Grant, “The Consequences of a Sex-Slave Rescue Fantasy”

Discussion questions

[1] According to recent estimates, how many people around the world are enslaved today?

[2] What are some of the challenges faced by scholars attempting to estimate the prevalence of slavery in the world?

[3] How does modern slavery differ from older forms of slavery?

[4] What are some of the types of work slaves perform?

[5] What are some of the major reasons for the persistence of slavery in the contemporary global economy?

[6] What steps are anti-slavery organizations taking to attempt to undermine slavery?

[7] What is your opinion of Bales’s writing style, analysis, and narrative strategies, based on what you have read so far?


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