3.29 – Slavery in the U.S.


Slavery Footprint
CNN, Slavery in America Today
Laura T. Murphy, ed. Survivors of Slavery, p. 47-53, 102-106, 112-139
National Human Trafficking Resource Center

KCTV, “Trafficking children”

Wichita Eagle, “Prosecutor Shares Tactics for Fighting Sex Trafficking in Kansas”

ICE, “8 arrested for Human Trafficking”

I encourage you to conduct additional research, especially regarding slavery in Kansas City, and you are welcome to skim wikipedia’s entry on human trafficking in the United States.

Reading questions

According to Slavery Footprint, how many slaves work for you? In your view, is this app an effective way to raise awareness of human trafficking?

How widespread is human trafficking in the United States?

In what types of employment are enslaved people forced to work in the United States?

What strategies do human traffickers use to enslave their victims?

In terms of building antislavery sentiment among Americans, why is it valuable when victims of human trafficking share their stories?

What evidence can you find that demonstrates the existence of human trafficking in the Kansas City metropolitan area?

What are the potential consequences of exaggerating the prevalence of human trafficking?


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