4.5 – Slavery in S. & S.E. Asia

For today’s class, we will discuss slavery in Thailand, India, and Pakistan. To prepare, choose one of those four countries, complete the selected readings (and any additional research you wish to conduct), and be prepared to answer the discussion questions:

Disposable People, 34-79
New York Times, Slavery and Shrimp in Thailand

Disposable People, 149-194
CNN, “The Photo that Raised $2 Million to Help Free Bonded Brickworkers”

Disposable People, 195-231
Survivors, April 5, part 1
Survivors, April 5, part 2

I encourage you to read about all the countries, but you are only required to read about one.

Discussion questions

How widespread is slavery in the country? What forms does slavery take there?

What strategies do slave ‘owners’ use to control the people they have enslaved?

Why is slavery prevalent in the country? What factors contribute to its continuation?

What role does the government play in enabling slavery in the country? What steps, if any, has the government taken to undermine slavery in the country?

What strategies have some NGOs in the country used to attempt to resist slavery?


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