4.24 – International Antislavery Legislation


U.N., Summary of the Palermo Protocol
Joy Ezeilo, “Achievements of the Palermo Protocol”
Christina Seideman, “The Palermo Protocol: Why it Has Been Ineffective in Reducing Sex Trafficking”
Kelly Heinrich, “Ten Years after the Palermo Protocol

Laura Shoaps, “Room for Improvement: Palermo Protocol and the TVPA”

Discussion questions

What led to the creation of the Palermo Protocol?

What are the “three P’s?”

What do some of the authors see as the accomplishments of the Palermo Protocol?

In Seideman’s view, how effective has the Palermo Protocol been in reducing sex trafficking? According to Seideman, what factors have led to the protocol’s limited effectiveness? What are some of the limitations the other authors see regarding the protocol’s effectiveness?

What could be done to improve the effectiveness of the protocol?



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