4.26 – U.S. Government’s Antislavery Efforts


Fight Slavery Now, “Trafficking Victims Protection Act”
Whitehouse.gov, “End Human Trafficking” (Antislavery Month – 2017)
Susan Coppedge, “How the Obama Administration fought Human Trafficking”
Susan Coppedge, “Fifteen ways you can help combat human trafficking”
White House.gov, “President Trump’s remarks on Human Trafficking
Elizabeth Nolan Brown, “Trump’s Mythical Crackdown on Human Trafficking”
Art Janke, “Deliverance” (2015)

Discussion questions

What are some of the steps the Federal government has undertaken since 2000 to combat human trafficking in the United States?

What steps did the Obama administration take to combat human trafficking?

What are some of the differences between Cordes’s approach to combating human trafficking and other, less successful approaches?

What evidence can you provide that Cordes’s approach has been particularly successful?

In general, should the U.S. government’s efforts to combat human trafficking be seen as successful, or relatively ineffective? I encourage you to conduct additional research to answer this question.

What steps could the U.S. government take to improve its effectiveness in combating human trafficking?

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