4.26 – Anti-Slavery NGOs

Your assignment for today is to research a non-governmental organization that focuses on combating slavery/human trafficking on a local, national, or global scale. Be able to answer the following questions on your chosen group, either in class discussion or in your reading response:

-When was it founded?
-What is its mission statement?
-What aspect(s) of slavery/human trafficking does the group focus on (if there are specific aspects the group emphasizes)?
-What strategies does the group emphasize in combating slavery/human trafficking?
-Can you identify measures that could be used to assess how successful the group has been in combating slavery/human trafficking?
-Does the group cooperate with other NGOs or government agencies?
-Does the information provided by the group seem accurate/credible?
-What media coverage of the organization’s work has there been (if any)? Has there been praise and/or criticism of the group?

Each student must choose a different group (i.e. no students can research the same group). To claim your group, respond to this post with a comment that includes the group’s title. If you cannot add a comment, email me.


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